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Vordruck D-3 beinhaltet die Ehren- und Verpflichtungserklärung, die gemäß Anti-Doping-Ordnung des Deutschen Volleyball-Verbands durch jeden Athletenbetreuer aus Bundesligavereinen abzuschließen ist. Athletenbetreuer sind Trainer, Co-Trainer, Co-Trainer (Scout), Arzt und Physiopherapeut. Die Vereinbarung wird durch den Lizenzinhaber oder durch den bevollmächtigten Vereinsvertreter elektronisch im VBL-SAMS unterzeichnet.

Text in deutsch

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Text in englisch

unofficial translation

Formal apology and declaration of commitment for athlete advisors (doctors, physiotherapists, coaches and further competitive sports staff)


The German Volleyball Federation DVV has committed itself in its statute and anti-doping regulations (ADO) to the active combat of doping. This is carried out by the realisation of the anti-doping determinations of the NADA and WADA, the CEV and FIVB. The World Anti-Doping Code (WADA-Code) is part of the world anti-doping program signed by the federal government, DOSB, NADA and accepted by the DVV which has the following objectives:

  • The sport performs an indispensable service for the stabilization of the welfare especially in view of an accelerated social change.
  • The awareness that doping is incompatible with the fundamental values of the sport – especially with the principle of equal opportunities – endangers the health of the athletes and infringes the reputation of the sport in public.
  • The aspiration, to combat doping by all possible means to sustain the educational exemplary function of the sport and to ensure the fundamental right of the athletes to participate in a doping free sport.
  • The athlete’s dignity and health integrity are fundamental for a fair sports competition. Every manipulation, especially by doping, violates this dignity and thus the sport’s ethnic basis. The fight against doping is therefore of outstanding importance for the sport’s credibility.


On this basis, hereby I declare to the DVV:

1. Doping does not only present a risk to the athletes involved, but is a clear breach of the spirit of sport and infringes the principle of fairness.

2. At no time have I passed on, made accessable, formulated or applied substances to athletes or used methods that violate the valid national and international anti-doping rules.

3. In the future, I too will protect the athlete’s dignity and will in no way become involved in any doping actions. I acknowlede the relevant anti-doping regulations, especially the WADA and NADA Code, the anti-doping regulations of FIVB and CEV and submit to these regulations. I am aware of the revised version of the medicines laws and anti-doping regulations, after which the trading and putting into circulation as well as the possession of small amounts of doping substances is punishable by law.

4. I acknowledge that a violation of this agreement has the following consequences:
a) Immediate termination of employment or contractual relationships as an advisor;
b) Exclusion from the DVV’s staff team or my team;
c) Bringing disciplinary proceedings according to ADO;
d) Reclaiming the costs for the participation on actions of the national team or within the results management by NADA or DVV;
e) Payment of an amount of up to 30.000€, that is determined to the DVV‘s reasonable discretion, if the reputation of the volleyball sport and/or the DVV has been damaged by the violation;
f) Criminal charge

Transfer of personal data

5. The athlete knows that the DVV saves his/her personal data (name, address, phone number, mail account etc.) and that the DVV is allowed to submit data to companies and labs commissioned with doping tests as well as to the NADA, WADA and FIVB in the case of possible violations of the anti-doping regulations. This data is used exclusively for this purpose.

6. I am aware that a violation against this agreement can cause further sanctions by the named above federations (DVV, DOSB, FIVB, CEV) or employer. I agree that this agreement is part of my employment contract or further contractual relationships as advisor in the volleyball sport.

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