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Vordruck D-1 beinhaltet die Anti-Doping-Vereinbarung, die gemäß Anti-Doping Ordnung des Deutschen Volleyball-Verbands durch jeden Bundesligaspieler abzuschließen ist. Die Vereinbarung wird durch den Spieler elektronisch im VBL-SAMS unterzeichnet.

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The DVV has committed itself in its statute and anti-doping regulations to the active combat of doping. This is carried out by the realisation of the anti-doping determinations of the NADA and WADA, as well of the CEV and FIVB. The World Anti-Doping Code (WADA-Code) is part of the world anti-doping program signed by the federal government, DOSB, NADA and accepted by the DVV which has the following objectives:

  • The sport performs an indispensable service for the stabilization of the welfare especially in view of an accelerated social change.
  • The awareness that doping is incompatible with the fundamental values of the sport – especially with the principle of equal opportunities – endangers the health of the athletes and infringes the reputation of the sport in public.
  • The aspiration, to combat doping by all possible means to sustain the educational exemplary function of the sport and to ensure the fundamental right of the athletes to participate in a doping free sport.


Now therefore, the athlete and DVV agree as follows:

1.Object of the agreement
1.1 The agreement governs the legal relationship between DVV and the athlete with regard to the anti-doping regulations.
1.2 All players who belong to a license league team are part of the athletes.
1.3 The belonging to a national team or to a NADA test pool requires a separate and extended agreement (appendix 1a to ADO).
1.4 This agreement is completed by an arbitration clause that is agreed on separately.

2. Doping
2.1 Recognition of the anti-doping sets of rules
2.1.1 The athlete acknowledges the valid WADA and NADA code, including the hereto issued implementation rules, the FIVB and CEV anti-doping regulations as well as the DVV anti-doping rules as amended and submits to these terms. The athlete commits to this, also towards the named institutions as well as the DOSB, and supports the worldwide combating of all kinds of manipulated performance.
2.1.2 The athlete confirms that he/she has been advised of the anti-doping laws (https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/antidopg/BJNR221010015.html).

2.2 Individual responsibility of the athlete
2.2.1 The athlete acknowledges especially the absolute individual responsibility that prohibited substances never and nowhere enter his/her body, nor prohibited methods come into effect and that he/she does not own prohibited substances.
2.2.2 Every athlete has the obligation to be aware of the valid WADA „List of illegal substances and methods “.
2.2.3 If any use of prohibited substances is medically necessary, one has the obligation to submit a valid medical report (not older than 12 months) that describes the medication, dosage and route of administration. This medical report is attached as a copy to the control form during a competition monitoring. After a positive test during a medication of so called “unspecified substances” a medical exemption (TUE) has to be retroactively applied.
2.2.4 The putting into circulation or the try of the putting into circulation of prohibited substances or prohibited methods constitutes an infringement for the purpose of the anti-doping set of rules.

2.3 Statement of the handing out of valid information to the athlete
2.3.1 The athlete confirms that he/she has been informed by DVV and VBL (license league player) in connection with the signing of the arrangement about the in 2.1. stated set of rules and the corresponding implementation rules and that he/she has been briefed about the access to the set of rules.
2.3.2 The athlete confirms that he/she has been made explicitly aware that the stated rules are not up for discussion and that his/her submission is not depended of his/her knowledge but of his/her reasonable possibility of the awareness.
2.3.3 2.3.2 also applies to amendments to the relevant regulations that are published on the DVVs webpage.

2.4 The federation’s duty to provide information
The DVV, according to its lights and in accordance with its respective competence and the best of its knowledge and belief, informs the athletes about all official rules guidelines of the anti-doping agencies, state institutions as well as of the FIVB in relation to the topics that are relevant for him/her.

3. Duration of the agreement
3.1 The agreement commences with its subscription and refunds corresponding previous agreements. The agreement ends 31st of December of that same year. The agreement is automatically extended for another season unless the agreement is terminated in writing.
3.2 The athlete can inform the DVV and VBL about the end of his/her career at any time. The in the ADO stated sustainable duties have to be noted.

4. Transfer of personal data
4.1 The athlete knows that the DVV saves his/her personal data (name, address, phone number, mail account etc.) and that the DVV is allowed to submit data to companies and labs commissioned with doping tests as well as to the NADA, WADA and FIVB in the case of possible violations of the anti-doping regulations.
This data is used exclusively for this purpose (see NADA declaration of consent for data transfer).
4.2 The athlete knows that due to the national anti-doping codes the DVV is obligated to report any possible violations of the anti-doping law to the responsible public prosecutor.

5. Doping tests for athletes who are minors
In the case of the athlete being a minor: The legal representative’s signature confirms his/her consent to execute doping tests of the minor athlete during practice and competitions.

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